Low/No Salt Spices (Martin P.)

Sodium chloride, or salt, is essential to life.  However, most docs feel like we get way too much sodium, especially in relation to how much potassium we get.  You see, cells thrive when the sodium/potassium ratio is correct, and problems ensue when it is not.  So, I’ve been waging a war on salt over the last year.  It’s a difficult fight, you really have to read all the labels and shop around.   But when it comes to spices, you can get a lot of flavor with very little sodium.  Shown below is what I use to season steaks.  The three on the right, garlic powder, Lawry’s Seasoned Pepper and Mrs. Dash contain no sodium at all.  There is some in the Worcestershire Sauce – I consider that my “salting” of the beef. But if you can avoid one of the many dry seasonings that include a ton of salt, and use the three shown here then you should be way ahead on the war on sodium.

No sodium in these three dry seasonings!

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