Split Pea Soup (Melinda F.)

1 to 1.5 # split peas

1 small onion, diced

3-4 stalks celery, diced

3-4 carrots, diced

whole ham steak (or I use a pack of the thin boneless pork chops – about $4), diced

Full teaspoon garlic

Tony Cachere’s to taste

Add water as needed, and during cooking.

Rinse the peas and pick out rocks (they always say this, I’ve never found a rock).  Add all of the above to a crock pot and cook on high until boiling, then you can reduce to low if you like.  Done in a few hours, better after 4 hours plus.  Freeze or refrigerate any that is left, but these peas never seem to make the freezer …

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