“Grass-Fed Beef Is on a Roll” (WSJ, 9-21-16)

Grass-fed beef hit the front page of the Personal Journal, in the Wall Street Journal, on September 21, 2016.  This well-researched article explained that:

  • Grassfed beef is inherently more expensive than CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) beef, namely they said it takes 24  to 36 months for the beef to get to slaughter weight, versus 14 to 18 months for conventional beef (CAFO beef).
  • Grassfed beef sales are up 40 % in the last year, that flavor depends on the quality of the grass and that shoppers pay 30 to 80 % more for leaner beef, in general.

See the entire article, here (may require a WSJ subscription):


Also, grassfed beef was featured on Dr. Oz about a month ago.  The show featured Will Harris, who I met in 2010 at an American Grassfed Association convention.  Will and author Mark Schatzker explained the key differences between grassfed beef and grain-finished, CAFO beef:


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