Bones and Marrow – a reference from Janet G.

Think about it:

For about 2.8 million years*, humans likely consumed the marrow inside bones as well as the cartilage surrounding the joints.

For about 100 years, we have not …

Only since 1900 or so has Hydrocarbon Man, in some but not all places of the world, had enough food to waste and/or disregard.  Prior to that, everything was used – right down to the squeal.

So, many believe that we are missing out on potential health benefits from consuming bone marrow and connective tissue, along with organ meats like liver.

Of course, the best way to avoid a lot of modern health issues … is to only live to be about 35 or so!  That’s the archaelology-derived (teeth and bones) estimated average lifespan of the historic American Indians. Of course that should probably not be used as a proxy for lifespans over the 2.8 million years of our existence, throughout the world; the Bible documents some really old folks, and it would make sense that in many areas of the world, people lived far longer than an average 35 years.  Of course, we almost died out about 70,000 BC when supervolcano Mount Toba blew out and caused a dramatic cooling – there were only about 2000 of us left … but I digress.

Anyway, shown below are some excerpts from dentist/pioneering nutritionist Weston A. Price, courtesy of customer and bone connoiseur Janet G.:

“Even foods to which individuals may be definitely sensitive, as proven by the leucopenic index and elimination diets, frequently may be tolerated with slight discomfort or none at all if gelatin is made part of the diet.”31

“By then, Dr. Gotthoffer had already turned up many earlier studies supporting gelatin’s role in digestion. Early in this century researchers showed that gelatin increases the utilization of the protein in wheat, oats, and barley, though not of corn; that the digestibility of beans is vastly improved with the addition of gelatin; and that gelatin helps the digestion of meat protein.32 The last appears to confirm the subjective reports of many people who say that meats found in soups and pot roasts–cooked with bones for a long time in a liquid to which a touch of vinegar has been added–are easier to digest than quickly cooked steaks and chops, and why gelatin-rich gravies are at the heart of many culinary traditions.”

“Confirming recent studies showing that glycine helps infants grow properly, Gotthoffer reports the existence of more than 30 years of research studies showing that gelatin can improve the digestion of milk and milk products. Accordingly, nutrition textbook writers of the 1920s and 1930s recommended that gelatin be included in infant formulas to help bring cow’s milk closer to human milk.”

So, even back in Price’s day there was discussion about digestion problems some folks may have with wheat (gluten?) and milk (lactose intolerance).  Maybe these issues are more at the forefront, today, due to the lack of bone marrow/gelatin in our typical diet?

* age of the oldest homo genus remains, in Ethiopia (Lucy, also from Ethiopia, was pre-homo, 3.2 million years old)
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