Big Bend & Scooter’s Quickie Chili for a Small Army

Recently we traveled to Big Bend, about twenty of us.  Young former Boy Scouts, and older former Boy Scouts.  The weather varied (9 hours of gusts up to 52 mph one night, 18 F the next night, shorts weather two nights later) but we had a great time.  Did three great hikes, camped at Rio Grande Village at the wonderful group campsite.

Our menu consisted of Easy Thai Lettuce Wraps , Claudia’s beans and greens, burgers, and on the last night, Scooter’s Quickie Chili for a Small Army.  All of the meals were wonderful.  The boys really gobbled up the chili on the last night.  Yeah, they were hungry, but it was good, if I do say so.  Scooter’s recipe falls into my favorite category – simple, easy and … synergistic!  Yes, the result is far greater than the sum of the ingredients.  Give it a try!

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