One more from Janet G. – Beef and Beans

Janet G. graciously hosted the Cuernavaca Chicken Club meeting at her home last night, and she provided a neat little beef entree, using some Condalia Farms Brand Beef.  It looked simple, and is, but I knew if I tried it without a recipe it wouldn’t be the same.  So, she shared the recipe!  I know I will be using this a lot, as it is … simple!

According to Janet, this recipe dates from Odessa, Texas, 1963.  Odessa is home of the Permian Basin oilfield services and workers – for those who aren’t familiar – and also the home of Odessa Permian High School, of football and Friday Night Lights fame.  1963?  I can only imagine.  Cool!

“Brown a lb of ground beef in a little butter.  Add a chopped onion till golden. And a can of Whole Foods organic Ranch beans.  Cook half an hour.”

Thanks, Janet!

(Adding back a little “fat” of your choice is a good thing to do with our beef – whether in hamburgers, or steaks.  It starts out so lean, anyway!)

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2 Responses to One more from Janet G. – Beef and Beans

  1. Bernardine Bering says:

    Another great use of the steakburger is Hobo Beans. Basically a baked beans recipe but use 3 kinds of canned beans (baked, kidney, and navy) and a pound of cooked ground steakburger. So brown some onion and maybe some green or red pepper, add the steakburger and cook until done. Add the beans, some ketchup, mustard, worchestershire sauce and brown sugar. Pour into a baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. You can add some cooked bacon also if you like.

  2. Martin P. says:

    Thanks Bernadine, that is a great recipe! Simple enough I can follow it, but sounds like the results are likely extravagant. That’s what I am always looking for. I can’t wait!

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